Watch “”Amber’s Song” live recording session by #Danger Contaminated recording session” on YouTube


  1. The problem is you don’t know me but … Right now people are becoming filthy rich because it’s easy at this very moment in time. Mykal you already tell people how easy it is to do what you do. Now also please pay attention to Gary Vee Style saw Steve Harvey


  2. What’s that song when you listen to David Girls just want money well naw but it is nice cause money makes the world go around. Period and that piece of evil is fucking giving me drama not even seen the man since March and yep he has money
    I didn’t finish that last text right but you get it I believe don’t forget BENT 7pm event


    • No I don’t get it… same as your other messages I don’t understand cause you’re talking about some one or something that I have no fuckin clue who they are


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