My new audition video for NBC “The Voice”.

My new audition video for “The Voice”…. When they hear my high note they gonna be begging a m@#$&$#@#$er to be on their show….and I’m gonna say “sure… but I want Tito’s chair!!!! Nah…. I change my mind I don’t think YOUR ass going to be making it to the next round …maybe YOU can try again next season, BLAKE!!! What the f@#$ kinda name is that anyway… Blake?!?! Like Blake Carrington the third?!!; what are you going to do go throw another shrimp on the barbie, Blake?!? I bet you drink Foster’s don’t you?!!! You ain’t even real cowboy are you?!?! Blake?!?!? ”
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My new cologne company

So upon advice from Kylie Jenner amongst my many other business ventures I’ve created my own fragrance…. Available soon in stores near you

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